Dinner for One

It was Friday, February 13. If all the days of a year had a high school yearbook, this Friday would win most likely to be filled with chalky hearts, boxes of chocolate, and deep red roses. It would also win most likely to make single girls cry (biggest flirt?), most likely to buy a 3-foot… Continue reading

Questionable Decisions I Made and Others I Considered.

I’ve made a laundry list of questionable decisions, and considered half a million more. And here I’ve taken inventory, archiving real mistakes alongside the imagined. Reserve judgments and revelations; let’s move forward under the comforting throw blanket of fiction. And for those of you who can see the glimmer of truth peaking through, please reserve your tales for… Continue reading

What it means to be a boss(sy) bitch

Gonzalez Street was populated by an army of 7-year-olds. Trekking through the battlefield of our suburban housing track wearing kneepads, rollerblades, and band tees for *NSYNC, Hanson, and the like, we occupied the club house, seized homemade cookies from unsuspecting countertops. We fought against faceless adversaries, like the incessant suburban predators that the news said… Continue reading